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Britney Spears and why did she shave her head a decade ago?
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Britney Spears and why did she shave her head a decade ago?

News author: Margaret Wilson  /  2019-11-04 19:17:17

The singer has had dozens of controversies in the middle of her musical career.

In the 20-year career of American singer Britney Spears, the press has rated 2007 as the worst year of her life. By that time Britney was 25 years old, two children, a divorce in process and the weight of fame to be the pop singer of the moment worldwide.

After being a year married to the man she believed was the man of her life, Kevin Federline, everything fell apart. Federline, a professional dancer, filed for divorce in court, in addition to full custody of her two children, a situation that led the singer to fall into a deep depression.

Her family was obliged to put her in a rehabilitation clinic on February 14 of that year, but two days later, she left the place without being discharged from the doctors of that center. As soon as she fled the place, Britney went to a hairdresser located in a neighborhood of the upper class of Los Angeles, and there in view of several paparazzi, her hair was stolen.

But now in a new documentary that talks about her life, two people who were with her very close that day, revealed the real reason for her drastic change of look.

One of them is the owner of the hairdresser, who explained that Britney told her that she wanted to remove her hair extensions since they bothered her a lot and because she was tired of having her head touched. “She told me that he wanted to shave his hair because he was tired of everyone touching him. I, of course, tried to dissuade her, but it was in vain."

Likewise, it was confirmed by a tattoo artist whom Spears visited shortly after to get a new tattoo. Emily Wynee-Hughes said that when she saw her completely shaved she didn't hesitate much to ask what had happened to her and she would have given the same excuse as the stylist. “He told me:‘ I just don't want anyone, nobody touches my head. I don't want anyone to touch my hair. I'm tired of people touching my hair. "

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