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"She died" JHope BTS and music mourning
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"She died" JHope BTS and music mourning

News author: Margaret Wilson  /  2019-10-15 21:02:53

The music world received tragic news this Monday. According to the South Korean Police, actress and singer Choi Jin-ri, better known as Sulli, "has died" at 25 years of age. The young artist was found lifeless by her agent, who could not contact her, in a block of flats in Sujeong-gu. This was published by the Korean media Yonhap and confirmed by SM Entartaiment.

Sulli became known in 2005, when she was only eleven, for her role as an actress. Four years later, in 2009, the young woman became part of the group f (x), which triumphed thanks to the single La cha ta.

Whatever the cause, the news, which has gone around the world, has meant a blow and has plunged Korean music into mourning, where compatriots of the young, such as J-Hope, of the BTS group stand out.

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