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Cher requires a path just for her wigs
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Cher requires a path just for her wigs

News author: Margaret Wilson  /  2019-10-20 20:15:13

Singer Cher belongs to the old school of music divas who don't bother trying to make things easy for the promoters of their concerts. Looking ahead to the dates he has set in the United Kingdom as part of his current 'Here We Go Again' tour, the star has sent to the venues where a long list of requirements that specifies that she must have at least one room alone to store your wardrobe and accessories, including her wide collection of wigs.

The Oscar-winning interpreter has also requested that the water served be exactly 23 and a half degrees, as The Sun newspaper has discovered, and the air conditioner will have to be kept to a minimum to prevent it from irritating your throat and impairing its performance.

In addition, catering managers will need to ensure that there are enough bags of 'sweet chilli' chips, chocolate tablets, cans of Red Bull and Coca-Cola without sugar and frozen bottles of Moët & Chandon. The behind-the-scenes environment will also not get rid of a good inspection before Cher arrives, who needs to ensure that a relaxed and calm environment reigns around her that does not harm her concentration before appearing before her fans.

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