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Childish Gambino in a new video kills singers
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Childish Gambino in a new video kills singers

News author: Linda Davis  /  2019-10-24 20:51:13

There is a song that in the last weeks has been viralized and is having great success and much impact on social networks. And no, it's not from Eurovision, but it's about This is America. Created by the American rapper Childish Gambino, this song accumulates tens of millions of reproductions with just one week of life.

The success of This is America comes from the criticism it makes about the society of the United States. In it, the rapper charges against the use of weapons, racism and social injustices in the North American country. Beyond what his lyrics narrate, the surprise comes from his video clip. The camera follows the protagonist but around him, throughout the scenario, elements loaded with messages do not stop appearing. A subtext with more obvious or more subtle metaphorical images that leave nothing to chance.

Thus, in the video clip, Gambino launches satirical messages through his actions, as well as those of those that appear around him. One of the most famous moments is when a hooded person riding a white horse next to a police car appears at the bottom of the scene, trying to make him represent one of the horsemen of the apocalypse.

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