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Dwayne Johnson is back in the ring
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Dwayne Johnson is back in the ring

News author: Linda Davis  /  2019-11-03 20:40:30

Dwayne Johnson was one of the most important stars of all time wrestling before making the jump to Hollywood. His career as an active fighter has long been left behind, but now he will get back into the ring to star in Mark Kerr's biopic.

Kerr was valued by far as the best fighter in the world when he was active. earning the nickname "The Smashing Machine". That was precisely the title of the documentary that HBO dedicated to his figure in 2002 and that Johnson has seen countless times, being an essential factor so that he wanted to make a film in which he will also work as a producer.

The actor took the opportunity to announce the project during a press conference held by Ultimate Fighting Championship on the occasion of the UFC 244 event held this weekend. Johnson also wanted to make it clear that Kerr himself will be involved in it in some way, but without clarifying what his role will be.

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