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Emma Watson is very lonely
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Emma Watson is very lonely

News author: Linda Davis  /  2019-11-06 16:27:31

Although it may not seem like it, many times we have notions in our head about what our life should be like at a certain stage of our life. It can certainly be overwhelming when you get to that point and you have not achieved anything you expected ... that is what happened to the successful actress Emma Watson.

The interpreter of "Hermione Granger" in the saga of "Harry Potter" films spoke with British Vogue magazine about her new performance in "Little Women." In one part of the interview, Watson explained that she felt stressed for her next birthday, which will be April 15 of the following year. The reason was because he will reach the age of 30.

“I don't understand why many create a scandal when they are about to reach 30. I feel stressed by all the messages around me. If you have not yet built a home, you have not married, you do not have a baby or are still discovering things on your own then you really do not have anything safe in an age when you are supposed to have it, simply this generates a lot of anxiety, ”said the actress.

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