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Who is Sylvia Plath? Why is Google Doodle dedicated to her?
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Who is Sylvia Plath? Why is Google Doodle dedicated to her?

News author: Linda Davis  /  2019-10-26 23:39:14

Today's Doodle shows the famous American writer Sylvia Plath, whose honest poetry and prose voiced the most secret emotions for a whole generation of readers. “It is as if my life was magically controlled by two electric currents: joyful positive and desperate negative,” writes Plat, whose work helped many understand various mental illnesses. "What works at the moment dominates my life, it floods."

Sylvia Plath, was born that day in Boston in 1932. She grew up with her father, a strict teacher of German language and biology specializing in the study of bees. Demonstrating her early talent for writing, Plath was published in several national publications, received awards, worked as an editor, and graduated with honors from Smith College, despite herself suffering from a mental illness. Her work often used heavy images and metaphors set among scenes of winter and frost, as shown in today's Doodle.

After college, Sylvia Plath received a scholarship and went to England. In 1982, she received the Pulitzer Prize posthumously. While her children's book, “It Doesn't Matter A Suit,” shows the lighter side of her work, her poems were described by novelist Joyce Carol Oates as “as if they were carved with a delicate surgical instrument” from Arctic ice.

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