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Why is Will Rogers published today on Google Doodle?
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Why is Will Rogers published today on Google Doodle?

News author: Linda Davis  /  2019-11-04 10:47:13

In honor of the legacy of the Indians, today's animated Doodle notes actor, comedian, author, filmmaker Will Rogers, who said: "I have never met a person who I did not like." On this day in 1879, at the Rogers Ranch in Oolog, Cherokee Territory, the artist became known as the "American Cowboy Philosopher."

The son of a Cherokee Senator, Rogers grew up riding horses. “A man who does not like a horse,” he once said, “something is wrong with him.” He became so good at amazing tricks with ropes that he traveled around the world as a circus artist - “The Cherokee Kid”.

Rogers produced and starred in The Fool of Ropin, as well as in Yankee Connecticut and State Fair. By 1934, he was considered one of the most popular actors in Hollywood.

When the Great Depression hit America, Rogers became a famous commentator who expressed public opinion on many issues of the time.

No matter how successful he was, Rogers always remained proud of his Cherokee heritage. He did not hesitate in offering his humorous wisdom about current events and politics, although, in addition to a brief stay as an honorary mayor of Beverly Hills, Rogers did not want to be called up for public service.

Rogers childhood home near Oologi, Oklahoma, is now a museum open to the public. His life and times also inspired a musical called "The Will Rogers Follies".

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