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Halsey talked about breaking up with YUNGBLUD
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Halsey talked about breaking up with YUNGBLUD

News author: Margaret Wilson  /  2019-10-31 21:59:11

The singer turned to Twitter and talked about her recent breakup.

Halsey has appeared in the celebration of the 100th episode of "American Horror Story" by Evan Peters; This moment was the debut of the new couple. It was at that moment, where the rumors, about his relationship with Evan and his breakup with Yungblud cleared up.

Just two days after seeing himself next to one of the protagonists of the horror series, Halsey turned to her personal Twitter account to leave a message in which without mentioning his ex-boyfriend, she made it clear that they are no longer together:

The message was deleted, but fans managed to capture the tweet before Halsey decided to remove it from the network. In September, Yunblud and the 25-year-old singer put an end to their relationship. Subsequently, Halsey and Evan began dating. Peters was engaged to Emma Roberts, but his love fractured earlier this year.

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