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Harry Styles made a promise and will soon keep his word
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Harry Styles made a promise and will soon keep his word

News author: Linda Davis  /  2019-11-06 16:33:50

Harry Styles is the owner of an enviable hair, an incredible voice and a wide collection of tattoos but, mainly the owner of the hearts of thousands of fans.

Among all the people in the world who love Harry is the daughter of Tre’Von Johnson, player of the LA Chargers, an American team. In addition to engaging in sports, Johnson has a YouTube channel where he shares his life with his family, it was on that channel that he uploaded a video of him and his daughter, Naiya, making his own version of Carpool Karaoke.

The video went viral on social networks in July 2019, and it went so far that even Harry, who hardly uses his social networks, sent a message to the player to let him know that he had seen the video.

Yes, Tre lived the dream of every directioner upon receiving a DM from Hazza, “Hello, sir, please let me know if you need anything for your little lady. The next time we are on tour, it would be a pleasure to receive them at any time. I hope you and your family are well, H ”.

From that moment, the player has not lost the opportunity to show the world that his little girl is a fan of One Direction, in fact, he disguised himself as Harry in the “Drag me Down” video for Halloween.

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