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Jaden Smith confesses he is gay and introduces his partner
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Jaden Smith confesses he is gay and introduces his partner

News author: Margaret Wilson  /  2019-10-23 21:49:54

Jaden Smith has become the center of attention of social networks for her unexpected declaration of love for her boyfriend and in full concert

There has been much talk about the sexual orientation of Will Smith's children, but this time it was Jaden Smith who has made public an important fact about his life.

During a presentation in the United States, the young actor confessed that he has a romantic relationship with Tyler, The Creator.
While on stage, he said this rapper is his "damn boyfriend," while he was watching him in the front row.

«I just want to say that Tyler, The Creator is the best in this world and I love him very much. Not only that, I want to tell you something that Tyler doesn't mean, but Tyler is my damn boyfriend, ”he said.

Immediately the alleged boyfriend was illuminated by the lights while making a no sign with his hands, but Jaden reiterated that he was her boyfriend.

This happened at the Beats 1 Radio concert and to leave no doubts then he wrote on twitter. »Yes, Tyler The Creator and I told him, they can't deny it».

The talented boy would confess his homosexuality in 2017 in one of his songs from the Flower Boy album, in which he claims to have kissed "white men since 2004".

On the other hand, the actor scolded his son for the fragile and deteriorated appearance he has presented in recent months due to his change in diet.

Since Jaden showed up at the Coachella music festival, both his fans and his family showed their concern for his "unhealthy" appearance, because while Will looked very lively, his son looked very thin, yellow and even sick.

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