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John Krasinski blackmails celebrities
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John Krasinski blackmails celebrities

News author: Linda Davis  /  2019-11-02 20:42:58

The actor and director of "A Quiet Place" asked for money from stars like Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds and Chris Evans.

Charismatic John Krasinski, celebrated the arrival of his fourth decade and came to the conclusion that time passes very quickly to get around with turns. In this way, and warning that it is "old school", he took the opportunity to openly ask for money from his followers as a gift. But with the wealthy celebrity celebrities it was even harder, and he put them between a rock and a hard place with a kind of "virtual blackmail."

With personalized messages via Twitter the actor of “The Office”, convinced that stars like The Rock, Ryan Reynolds, Chris Evans and Chris Pratt, will join the crusade with which he ended up raising the figure of half a million dollars. In his passage through the television program of Jimmy Kimmel, proud of the achievement he told of the moment of the epiphany before the presenter.

"I woke up and thought:‘ I know what I'm going to do. " I wanted to do something good with my 40th birthday because while I was going down the hill, I thought about doing something good. So I actually begged people to give me money. I thought: "If you're a fan of mine, you deserve to give me money," said John. "To get money, I had to make an emotional blackmail," John said about how he convinced Hugh Jackman to be part of the initiative.

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