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Kanye West spoke unusually about abortion
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Kanye West spoke unusually about abortion

News author: Margaret Wilson  /  2019-10-29 21:41:20

Kanye West said that Jesus freed him from the clutches of the US Democratic Party, which he says has washed the "brain of the black community to have their children aborted."

The rapper made the controversial comment during a radio interview with Big Boy in which he talked about politics, his new album with religious themes and black culture. While Kanye has already been widely accused of abandoning his roots, due to his support for President Donald Trump, he said that African-Americans do not really have their own culture.

Husband Kim Kardashian said the political party "has brainwashed its people to do ungodly things, such as Plan B's birth control and encourage abortion." For him, abortion elites especially seek to end the poor and black population. “The Democrats have had us [blacks] voting for Democrats for years, brother. What are we talking about? Pistols in the 80s, take the father out of the house, plan B [morning after pill], make us abort our children ... Jesus said ‘you will not kill."

He also says that Democrats have backed policies for decades that have hurt the black community, and that it is simply no longer aligned.

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