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For a hamburger campaign Kristen Bell is brutally honest with her children
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For a hamburger campaign Kristen Bell is brutally honest with her children

News author: Margaret Wilson  /  2019-10-20 20:24:35

There are some actors who, no matter what type of campaign they are present, always permeate it with their peculiar personality. Among the clearest examples is Ryan Reynolds, who in Deadpool, American Gin and Detective Pikachu, always brings his ridiculous humor to the table. Another great celebrity who also has a very consistent advertising style is Chris Evans. This, as his most recent collaborations have shown, thanks to his role in the MCU.

The nature of this relationship between campaigns and artists has been extensively studied by various agents in the marketing industry. According to Forbes, the relationship between the two must be adequate and accurate, so that no party is affected by the association. Other agents point out that this dynamic has been transformed and even strengthened ties between stars and companies. This, for some studies, results in a co-branding process.

Either way, it is clear that the relationship between a campaign and the celebrity participating in it is much closer than it was perhaps a few years ago. Not only have these personalities been given greater creative freedom to give a unique touch to the commercial in question. Likewise, a more familiar tone, including personal and intimate, has been generated in the messages as such. As it shows, it is enough to see the last activation of the Lightlife brand.

As a rival of Impossible Foods, one of Lightlife's star products is a hamburger meat that simulates the taste, aroma, texture and color of the original product. But the company's offer is made of plant materials. To promote this food, the company hired the talent of Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard, one of the most recognized couples in Hollywood. Throughout the campaign, the peculiar style of fatherhood of both is shown.

Both Bell and Shepard say they prefer to speak with brutal honesty and transparency with their children. Throughout the campaign, you can see how they explain without hesitation issues such as death, sex and not wanting to interact with other young children. In the end, they meet to eat Lightlife burgers. When their three children say they do not believe that the meat is made of plants, the actors point out that they have never had reason to lie.

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