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Hong Kong protesters burn LeBron James shirt
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Hong Kong protesters burn LeBron James shirt

News author: Margaret Wilson  /  2019-10-16 21:48:11

The star of the Lakers criticizes the support of the leader of the Rockets to the protests and fuels the conflict of the NBA in China

The political problems of the NBA in China now also extend to Hong Kong.

LeBron James has become the target of the wrath of anti-government protesters in the semi-autonomous Chinese territory.

Many of the protesters now do so also by burning and trampling T-shirts and photographs of the Lakers star and the American league. It was the immediate reaction of the protesters to the position adopted by LeBron criticizing the tweet of the Houston Rockets general manager, Daryl Morey - "Fight for freedom, support Hong Kong", on October 4 - and the subsequent reaction of the NBA, which defended freedom of expression following the response of the Chinese government by suspending the broadcast of two parties and several official acts of the Lakers and the Nets in Shanghai and Shenzen.

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