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Matt Damon lost 250 million for rejecting Avatar
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Matt Damon lost 250 million for rejecting Avatar

News author: Linda Davis  /  2019-10-27 11:56:30

The actor has confessed that director James Cameron promised him 10% of the box office collection if he participated in it, but chose to continue with the Bourne saga.

With its premiere a decade ago, Avatar managed to win three Oscars and, in addition, become the highest grossing film in history at that time and for a decade (until Avengers arrived: Endgame in summer 2019), raising almost 2.8 billion of dollars at the ticket offices around the world. In fact, only in his first weekend in the United States raised more than 77 million, a third of his entire budget, since it had cost 237 million.

Those millionaire amounts made their producers rich, but they have also caused more than one pulling their hair to pass up the opportunity to invest in a fantasy film in which not everyone bet. This is the case of actor Matt Damon, who has now revealed that his rejection of the film made him lose more than 250 million dollars.

The interpreter has told it in an interview with Chistian Bale in the British edition of GQ magazine. In the publication he explains how it happened and, above all, that he does not regret that much. Damon says that some time ago he decided to make only the tapes he thought were interesting. Although, of course, not always right, he confesses. "If I'm wrong and the phone stops ringing, something that happens to everyone, I want to look back and say: Look, it wasn't the time."

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