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Mila Kunis issues an ultimatum to Ashton
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Mila Kunis issues an ultimatum to Ashton

News author: Margaret Wilson  /  2019-11-05 16:24:39

Mila Kunis is fed up with Ashton Kutcher's alcohol consumption.

The 36-year-old and her husband currently have a lot to go through. After his former Demi Moore unpacked his dirty past in his memoirs and he recently had to testify in the lawsuit against the murderer of his former girlfriend, he seems to drown his frustration in alcohol. However, this does not suit his sweetheart and should cause great tensions.

"Mila disgusted that!" A friend of the couple now told about the current situation with National Enquirer and continues: "Ashton is a dad and there is no excuse for tipping ten beers while doing repetitions in the middle of the week watching football games on TV. " The 41-year-old should not understand the anger of his wives but absolutely.

"Ashton tells her that he only drinks the beer to relax, but Mila scares this self-destructive attitude and she told him to go jogging or doing something else that is healthy," the insider continues. However Mila does not believe him that he drinks so much only because of the revelations of his ex-wife. That the 'Two And A Half Men' star also likes to toast Danny Masterson, who is accused of multiple sexual assault and rape, is just supposed to be too much for her: "Danny has enough of her own problems that Mila does not want rubbing off on her husband, she told Ashton to stop - or she leaves. "

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