Needles to Smooth Out Acne Scars?

October 11, 2016  |  Posted by Jack Grossberg

Obviously, you read correctly. We said "needles". We hate getting shots, am unable to give blood because of them, and don't think we had ever get Botox just because, we really do not like needles, they hurt and they are just really cruel looking. We associate needles with pain and discomfort, as many of us do. We have developed somewhat of a phobia to them because they almost never are associated with anything good, except maybe acupuncture, which We have never tried. Well, We was moved to conspiracy by reading about this little, roughly twenty dollar, device that has a bunch of "micro needles" on a roller that is supposed to help the skin.

The micro needles are really tiny, and they are made of stainless steel of course, because they actually are supposed to slightly penetrate the treated areas. The micro needle skin device is on a little hand held roller that you literally roll all around on your face or other treated areas.

Does it hurt?

In our experience thus far, yes, there is definitely discomfort and an unpleasant feeling. Especially in certain areas that are more sensitive, like say the upper lip where there is very little fat to cushion the blow of a needle penetrating your skin. So obviously you know by now, We bought one of them micro needle rollers for myself.

We bought it because we read that it can help over time with things like fine lines, wrinkles, leftover acne scarring and age spots and hyper pigmentation. We've used the micro needle derma roller exactly three times now. The first and third time We couldn't get all the way through the whole prescribed regimen of rolling it ten times across one area and then ten times in an "X" pattern over the same areas. As you are rolling it with normal pressure, you can sort of hear and feel the tiny needles making small punctures in the skin. If you have really sensitive skin, it is recommended that you use a numbing cream.

The first time, I used it; my husband said I looked younger the next day. The second and third I did not notice any differences on the next day. - Hilda E.

We did not use a numbing cream because we didn't want all those chemicals on our face every time We used the roller, so We felt every little prick. What is the idea behind the micro needle derma roller? Well, it is supposed to help your skin treatments absorb much deeper and work much better. But on another note that, simply puncturing your skin in and of itself is perhaps another mechanism by which it works to smooth older scars and wrinkles out etc, and to break up things like age and liver spots, somewhat like the theory behind laser therapy for scarring, but not quite as effective.

The first time, I used it; my husband said I looked younger the next day. The second and third I did not notice any differences on the next day. I'm hoping as time goes by We can get better results with regular use.

We plan on using it twice a week on the weekends, so we do not necessarily have to go anywhere for a few hours if we am all red and aggravated.