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Pink Floyd vs Roger Waters Rock War
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Pink Floyd vs Roger Waters Rock War

News author: Linda Davis  /  2019-11-07 21:24:04

Rock is fertile ground for fights and enmity. For old loyalties to dissolve in a chorus of public and irreparable grievances. Giant egos corrode friendship, camaraderie, creative spirit and even the possibility of doing good business. Of all the confrontations, Pink Floyd's seems the most virulent and lasting.

Guitarist Tom Morello, a great fan of the group, said: "Pink Floyd not only extended the limits of Western music, but also demolished them and created a new genre, which is Pink Floyd." There are many rock musicians of later generations who share this opinion.

The group is a story of creation, bloody battles, Olympic ambition, madness (much madness), great albums and memorable shows. It would be unfair to reduce its history to the inventory of confrontations among its members. But, to understand their trajectory, it is necessary to know them.

Roger Waters, bassist and lead voice until The Final Cut, decided to leave the group in 1985. On that date he formalized his departure through letters to the group's record companies in the United States and England and, naturally, from a press release. The partners were surprised. After a long stop they were regrouping to re-record and tour. Waters beat them by the hand. David Gilmour did not stand still. He started the Pink Floyd machinery again.

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