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Twice returned the member
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Twice returned the member

News author: Margaret Wilson  /  2019-10-28 21:27:33

Mina returns to Twice and joins the next tour

One of TWICE's most beloved members rejoins by surprise the group's routines, after going through a very hard stage of their life.

In just four years, TWICE girls have gone from being practically unknown to one of the most recognized female K-pop groups in the world. Although from their record labels they support them in everything they can, the demands of fame and social pressure make artists sometimes go through very bad times.

Mina, one of the nine TWICE members, had to take a forced respite after JYP Entertainment announced that she was suffering from anxiety attacks. The 22-year-old singer and dancer retired from the band's routine on August 27, gradually stopping to participate in concerts or in the promotional part.

Luckily the thing changed yesterday, when Mina appeared when nobody expected her on the fourth anniversary of the band. The place chosen for his return was the Hwajeong Gymnasium of the University of Korea, where a meeting with fans was held.

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