Aaron Paul from “Breaking Bad” shared an intimate moment of his family
© Instagram / Aaron Paul

Aaron Paul from “Breaking Bad” shared an intimate moment of his family

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-05-19 21:40:19

The 40-year-old actor with the net worth of $ 16 mln shared a warm family photo from the quarantine – in addition to the breaking news about the movie where he's going to participate.

Aaron Paul took to Instagram to share a lovely photo of his family.

In the caption, the actor told how he was living that quarantine life and expressed gratitude to his wife for capturing one of their many tea parties. Aren't they cute?

At the same time, it became known that Aaron along with Karen Gillan and Jesse Eisenberg is to play in the new thriller about cloning. If the coronavirus does not interfere, they plan to start shooting this summer, and there is no information on the release date.

We only managed to know that Karen Gillan will play a major role in the new science fiction thriller «Dual.» According to sources, Aaron Paul, Jesse Eisenberg, Martha Kelly and Bela Coale will also appear in the picture.

Riley Sterns will be the screenwriter and director of the project.

The movie will tell a story about a seriously ill girl who decided to clone to help friends and family with the loss. Contrary to her own expectations, the heroine won't die. But the clone also appeared, so now the girl will have to fight with her own twin for survival.