Adele lost weight and astonished fans with her behavior
© Instagram / Adele

Adele lost weight and astonished fans with her behavior

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-03-12 13:40:47

The famous British singer Adele became thin and hysterical. What's up with the celeb and how will she cope with that?

Adele radically lost weight due to training, dropping 45 kilograms in a short time, which could not but affect her mental state.

© Instagram / Adele

Now Adele can wear clothes that she had not even dreamed of before and look great in these outfits. Friends and fans bombarded the girl with compliments and strongly supported her. But, unfortunately, not everything is so good in the life of the singer.

Increasingly, paparazzi have been catching Adele screaming hysterically at someone, getting nervous and even crying.

Apparently the diet does not go unnoticed for the nervous system and harms Adele's health. Therefore, it is possible that the popular singer will return to its former weight and former mood soon.

By the way, it is rumored that Adele became a new hobby for the American actor Brad Pitt. It became known that they often spend time together and even introduced each other to their close friends. Did you know about this?