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Adele shared the weirdest secrets of her slim body
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Adele shared the weirdest secrets of her slim body

News author: Margaret Wilson
2020-03-12 21:59:15

The popular singer Adele amazed not only with her vocal abilities, but also with external transformations. She dropped more than 20 kilos and became «smaller» by several sizes.

Adele achieved these results due to Pilates and special diet. The diet was invented in England, and even members of the royal family are delighted with it.

The diet got its name from sirtuin - a protein that is directly involved in the metabolism and cellular processes. Sirtuins «switch on» genes that are associated with the processing of fats.

The list of products that activate sirtuin production includes blueberries, coffee, green tea, lemon juice, celery and green apples.

The 31-year-old singer was able to get rid of 45 kilograms of excess weight in six months! At the same time, for the whole of this period, for the first time, fans managed to watch the properly built figure of their idol.

Now the fans are interested what made Adele achieve such an amazing result?

As it turned out, the singer has a very strict regime of training and nutrition, which is superimposed on her daily routine. Every morning, she first visits the gym. At the same time, Adele attends several different rooms, which allows her to vary physical activity.


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