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Adele or Beyonce? Fans stunned with their decision
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Adele or Beyonce? Fans stunned with their decision

News author: Margaret Wilson
2020-03-16 12:04:45

Not so long ago, fans arranged an independent voting about Adele on Twitter and its results turned out to be really surprising! Let's know the details together!

The thing was that one of the fans asked a seemingly simple question on Twitter. I read as following: «Who would you want to sing at your Birthday Party?» Well, what's up with Adele, who has lost a lot of weight recently?

The replies stunned with their unanimous spirit! Just look at this! It was decided that Adele was much better than Beyonce in every meaning. Let alone her improved voice!

By the way, do you remember the special relationship of Adele and Beyonce? In 2017, Adele refused her «Grammy» because of Beyonce. The singer went on stage to get the award and made an emotional speech saying that it was Beyonce who should have received the award.

What do you think about the voting? Who is better – Adele or Beyonce? Would you like to invite anybody to your birthday party?