You won't guess! Adele has to do this to pay for divorce!
© Instagram / Adele

You won't guess! Adele has to do this to pay for divorce!

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-04-12 16:17:21

British singer Adele has to sell a mansion in Sussex, where she lived with her husband Simon Konecki before the divorce. In fact, the singer apparently has no money to pay her ex-lover!

Exactly a year ago, Adele and her husband Simon Konecki claimed they were getting divorced after eight years together, including two years of their marriage. Now the couple is engaged in the divorce settlement and related financial matters. According to rumors, the singer will have to pay her ex-husband far more than one million dollars.

© Instagram / Adele

So, the singer decided to sell a luxurious mansion located in Sussex. According to some data, she wants to make about $ 1.2 million from the sale. It is noteworthy that the singer definitely sells it at a loss, because she bought the house for almost $ 5 million.

The house was built in the 18th century and has eight bedrooms. The estate, with a total area of almost 20 hectares, also has a tennis court. It attracted Adele with its solitude. She thought it would be great to raise her son Angelo with her husband in the wilderness.

It is also known that Adele owns several other real estate properties in the UK, including a house and an apartment in West London. Now the singer lives in Los Angeles, her house is located near the house of her ex-husband.

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