Is Adele prettier than Angelina Jolie? Fans cannot decide!
© Instagram / Adele

Is Adele prettier than Angelina Jolie? Fans cannot decide!

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-04-30 13:13:58

The world famous performer of «Hello» and «Someone Like You» Adele has impressed fans with weight loss in recent months as she managed to lose about 45 kg in a very short period after her divorce. And she wasn't going to stop, because she eats only 1000 calories per day and goes to the gym.

Fans have been absolutely stunned with the photos where 31-year-old Adele looked thinner than ever. Paparazzi unexpectedly photographed her during a walk in sportswear.

© Instagram / Adele

She was wearing a tight-fitting long-sleeved sports top and tight leggings. Adele completed the look with bracelets on her wrists and a hat.

Let's mention that Adele and her husband Simon Konecki started dating in 2011 and married in 2015, but confirmed their separation in April 2019. Adele filed for divorce from Simon in September this year. And after that, she decided to lose weight and the fans really began to notice the transformation of the singer.

Lexi Larson, a 19-year-old college student, said she had met Adele during her Caribbean vacation and the star told her that she had lost «about 45 kilos.»

The former personal trainer of Adele said that incredible weight loss had been achieved thanks to a strict diet that consisted of green juice and 1000 calories per day. Would you like to try the diet too? Share the divine recipe on social networks!