Adele impressed everyone with her piano cover of song  “Someone like You”
© Instagram / Adele

Adele impressed everyone with her piano cover of song “Someone like You”

By: Linda Davis
2020-05-02 18:41:16

Adele is a well-known British singer who's got her prominence due to such a wonderfully sounding song as «Hello». It saw the world in 2015 and entered album «Hello». The celebrity is the author of the lyrics to this song. It is known that Adele has always tried to lose weight but only recently she has finally succeeded in this uneasy task. The desired weight loss occurred due to the popular Keto-diet. That happened in the period when the star was in the process of divorcing from her husband Simon Konecki with whom she's got a child.

These days, the fans of Adele have shared an amazing video in which the singer is performing the music to her song «Someone Like You» on the piano. She's doing it in such a professional and sensitive way! By the way, the trek was released in 2011 and was included into Adele's album «21».

© Instagram / Adele

The piano cover version of «Someone Like You» sounds especially beautiful when it is made by Adele herself. In the video, you can see only her tender palms, but you can feel the talent of their owner. It's no surprise that Adele is one of the richest singers in Britain with her net worth of £150 million.

In the comments to the video, some of Adele's fans confess they dream to play the piano like her. She does play excellent!