Must know: What did Alexandra Daddario do to get naked in “True Detective”?
© Instagram / Alexandra Daddario

Must know: What did Alexandra Daddario do to get naked in “True Detective”?

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-04-23 18:12:55

We all know the incredible Alexandra Daddario because of the first season of «True Detective» where she played the lover of detective Hart. The celebrity is also known for one of the main roles in two movies about Percy Jackson, «San Andreas Fault», «Baywatch» with Zac Efron and «Can You Keep a Secret?»

The role in the popular series let the actress who stunned everyone with her bikini to restart her career.

Alexandra Daddario
© Instagram / Alexandra Daddario

On the occasion of the release of her new movie «We Summon the Darkness», 34-year-old actress Alexandra Daddario gave an extensive interview.

In particular, Daddario remembered her participation in the debut season of the series «True Detective.» Although the actress only got some not very big roles there, shooting in this project was a turning point for her.

According to Alexandra, she really fought for this or any other role in this series because the fact was that at that time her career was not successful.

Daddario couldn't get to the castings for the roles that suited her, so she did everything to be taken seriously. At that time, she knew it would be great to add the fact of working with people of big talent to her CV.

Her only dream was to star in something that had very high quality. However, she did not expect «True Detective» to be so successful.

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