Amanda Bynes revealed her hottest wish! Find it out!
© Instagram / Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes revealed her hottest wish! Find it out!

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-04-27 16:59:38

The career of 33-year-old mentally disordered Amanda Bynes, the star of the comedies «She is a Man», «Easy A» and «Hairspray», was very rapid. However, unlike Lindsay Lohan, unable to withstand the popularity and addicted to alcohol and drugs, the co-star of Channing Tatum was absolutely ruined.

However, now Amanda has claimed that everything bad was over.

Amanda Bynes
© Instagram / Amanda Bynes

The first unpleasant vibes in the life of Amanda Bynes appeared in 2009, and already in 2012 she became the «main hero» of several accidents due to drunk driving.

Next, she arranged a whole bunch of weird actions: she wrote letters to Barack Obama, set fire to the neighbors' house, complained about her own father with accusations of harassment, announced of an engagement to a stranger...

In 2014, Amanda went to a rehab and in 2015 she left it and stated that she went to a college. As Amanda once said in an interview, in recent years she really finished all troubles and lived the life of an ordinary student.

The actress also has admitted her plans to return to the cinema, as she missed acting very much. The last film with her participation was «Easy A» where she got a small role.

Do you like Amanda Bynes? Would you like to see her in movies again?