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Amber Heard has injured her foot
© Instagram / Amber Heard

Amber Heard has injured her foot

News author: Linda Davis  /  2020-01-14 15:50:50

Amber Heard has posted a photo on her Instagram page featuring her lying on the jacket on the floor and having her foot being bandaged by a specialist. What has happened to the actress?

Amber commented that it was the only time she could stand sitting still with her meditation app on and having her foot bandaged. The pic features the star lying on the floor with her phone on her tummy and earphones in her ears. Her both feet are lying on the sofa with one white and one black sock on them. She has a pair of gray leggings and a black shirt on. She looks so beautiful and at the same time down to earth!

Many readers asked the star how she managed to injure her foot but she hasn’t disclosed the secret. They wish her to heal fast. Amber looks awesome and the readers are amazed with the scene.

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