Amber Heard declared her lesbian inclinations again
© Instagram / Amber Heard

Amber Heard declared her lesbian inclinations again

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-01-31 23:37:42

Amber Heard acknowledged her lesbian inclinations on her Instagram page again.

In her post the actress tells the story in which she expresses her positive attitude to Lesbian Erotica. In addition, Amber has posted a photo that demonstrates the plot of the post. The caption reads, «Ellen: I want to shoot you

Amber: Oh no, what now?

Amber Heard
© Instagram / Amber Heard

E: I want to do a nod to Lesbian Erotica!

A: ...I'm listening...

E: Where you're being tied up by a sexy woman

A: Ooo, who?!

E: Yourself!»

Both women in the pic are Ambers – one is a hostess, while the other one is subordinate to her. The photo is very beautiful and the actress' fans claim Amber is the prettiest woman on earth. They also agree that Lesbian Erotica deserves life.