Manipulations of a toxic creature: Javier Bardem opposed Amber Heard and coronavirus
© Instagram / Amber Heard

Manipulations of a toxic creature: Javier Bardem opposed Amber Heard and coronavirus

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-04-22 22:01:50

The actor actively helped to fight the epidemic and didn't forget about his friend, Johnny Depp protecting him from his ex-wife Amber Heard. Fortunately, she is about to get three years in jail for giving wrong information about her husband.

While the whole world has been suffering from the epidemic of coronavirus, many stars of show business tried to direct their forces and accumulations to help those who cannot cope with the problem themselves.

Amber Heard
© Instagram / Amber Heard

Among such patrons, Hollywood stars Penelope Cruz and her husband Javier Bardem can be noted. This couple really cares about people. In the moments when the doctors of Madrid desperately needed protective equipment against coronavirus, it was the stars who helped to get the necessary things.

According to Bardem, it is simply impossible to do otherwise. The actor is trying to change the life of people around him for the better, as far as he can. But ignoring the problem is simply stupid, because it will come to everyone.

Javier also noted that he became a vegan. According to the actor, he did this not out of pity for the animals, but because of concern for others. For example, he remembered a fishing boat, which is forced to fish every day sailing a little further, because a valuable resource is ending faster. So if everyone is a little more economical, life in the future will only get better.

The actor also did not forget about real friendship, he defended Johnny Depp in court and considered all the accusations of Amber Heard a lie and manipulation, and he called her «toxic creature.»