Amber Rose filled her forehead with botox! Oh my God!
© Instagram / Amber Rose

Amber Rose filled her forehead with botox! Oh my God!

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-05-25 20:25:33

Amber Rose has shared a couple of amazing photos on her Instagram depicting her in really high spirits since she has finally got an opportunity to smooth her forehead with botox.

Amber Rose is known to have been in a love affair with rapper Kanye West for two years. Then she met rapper Wiz Khalifa and married him in 2013. They have a son, Sebastian Taylor Thomaz. Afterwards, the actress was in a short relationship with rapper Machine Gun Kelly (they broke in 2015). Amber has a little son with Alexander 'A.E' Edwards.

Amber Rose has got a nice tattoo on her forehead. It is devoted to her two sons - «Bash» (for Sebastian who'll turn seven soon) and «Slash» (for her younger son). In order to demonstrate maximum beauty and to attract more attention to her tattoo, Amber decided to fill her forehead with botox. In the first photo, she's depicted with Dr. Jason Diamond MD who performed the procedure. Rose's caption to the pic reads, «Thank you, you're the best! My forehead is so smooth!»

The celebrity has shared a nice photo on her Twitter page. She looks so hot in her purple dress from Fashion Nova! What a sexy-looking picture!