Get ready: Angelina Jolie took a solemn oath for an “eternal” Marvel movie
© Instagram / Angelina Jolie

Get ready: Angelina Jolie took a solemn oath for an “eternal” Marvel movie

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-02-27 17:11:18

The actress has been taking an active part in the new movie «The Eternals.» But before you go on reading make sure you are safe – as the details will be stunning!

The movie «The Eternals» probably will be one of the most expected Marvel's projects By the way, beautiful Angelina Jolie has just got one of the leading roles here.

Angelina Jolie
© Instagram / Angelina Jolie

Fans were very surprised by the fact the actress also promoted the idea of introducing a silent hero into the movie! And it seems that this idea will come into life. According to Angie, she was so glad to be here and swore to work ten times more, because Marvel became not just some projects, but the whole universe.

By the way, let's mention that the very idea of the movie is the story about super-people who are on guard of our planet and protect it from all kinds of destroyers and villains.

The movie will be released in 2020. In addition to Jolie, the list of actors will include Kumale Nanjiani, Richard Madden (who'll be Jolie's partner) and Salma Hayek.

Well, we've got another surprise for you: have you noticed that Jolie became a blonde?