Like claws: Angelina Jolie scared fans with her hands
© Instagram / Angelina Jolie

Like claws: Angelina Jolie scared fans with her hands

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-03-01 23:12:07

Angelina Jolie has been the UN Goodwill Ambassador for 20 year and she has been to dozens of the third world countries and helped thousands of refugees. But who will take care of the actress herself?

Jolie, who has just confirmed her participation in the movie «The Eternals,» has scared fans with her pics! In one of them, Jolie is captured next to her colleague Richard Madden.

Angelina Jolie
© Instagram / Angelina Jolie

Many fans expressed admiration for Jolie's dedication, but also recommended to pay more attention to her own health. The actress's thin and wrinkled hand drew the attention and many users thought it belonged not to a 44-year-old Hollywood star, but to a 90-year-old old woman.

«Like claws», «Too thin», «Angie, what's up with with your hands?» they wrote in the comments. In addition, small bald spots were noticeable on Jolie's head - she definitely lacks vitamins and a doctor's consultation.

Well, that can be quite understandable! You see, Angelina's health has been very weak, she survived a mastectomy to avoid breast cancer. Then there was a scandalous and painful divorce from Brad Pitt. It seems that the court proceedings on the division of property and child custody just led the actress to anorexia.

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