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Anitta showed her new boyfriend
© Instagram / Anitta

Anitta showed her new boyfriend

News author: Linda Davis
2020-01-25 20:49:17

Anitta hasn’t demonstrated her personal life to the public much lately but this time she was brave enough to boast having a new boyfriend.

The singer posted a provocative photo on her Instagram page showing her with Drew Taggart, a well-known DJ and a member of «The Chainsmokers». The couple seems to be in love. Drew is embracing Anitta from behind, while she is tenderly keeping her hand on his arm. Her head is lying on his chest.

Earlier, Anitta’s boyfriend was 30-year old Brazilian surfer Pedro Scooby with whom she has got many hot pics on Instagram. Not long ago Drew Taggart was dating another woman, stunningly beautiful Haley Rowe.