Anna Kendrick says goodbye to NYC
© Instagram / Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick says goodbye to NYC

By: Margaret Wilson
2019-12-25 15:32:26

Recently, the 34-year-old American actress Anna Kendrick has shared a selfie on Instagram. She poses here with a fur-lined hood on the background of the night New York City lit up by lights. «Bye bye NY,» she noted in her caption to the pic.

By the way, Anna has almost 16 million followers on Instagram and they were over the moon when they heard the news.

«Yay!!!! She’s coming back! She’s coming back!» «We did it. It’s done. Let’s go home,» most of them write while some note «At least you look warm Anna» and ask «Where do you go now?» Moreover somebody jokes «I’ve never wished I was a fur jacket more in my life.»