Anna Kendrick supports protesters in the streets of America
© Instagram / Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick supports protesters in the streets of America

By: Linda Davis
2020-06-08 23:05:50

Anna Kendrick has expressed her approval for anti-racism protests in the country by posting a thematic photo on her Instagram page.

Anna Kendrick has perfectly played in many different movies but her role of Beca Mitchell in the musical comedy «Pitch Perfect» has made her truly prominent. The film includes three sequels that were released in 2012, 2015 and 2017. Her latest movie «Love Life» has just seen the world. The actress performs the role of Darby Carter in this marvelous romantic comedy.

Anna Kendrick has recently shared a cute photo of anti-racism protesters in which a boy's sign says: «My mom said I matter». The celebrity states she saw even more white people out in support of the black community. She was pleased to see them, but Kendrick is sure «we should not lead the chant unless we understand the concept of the downbeat». The actress asks everyone to stay safe these days.

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The official trailer to Anna Kendrick's latest movie «Love Life» (2020) can be seen right now on YouTube. If you like it, take your time to have a nice evening.