Ariana Grande found her "twin" on social media
© Instagram / Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande found her "twin" on social media

By: Margaret Wilson
2019-12-08 18:56:46

Ariana Grande truly encourage her internet exact lookalike Paige Niemann.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the TikTok star, who has become popular for her incredible likeness to the Ariana Grande in her impersonation videos on social media, shared what inspired her to recreate Grande’s look and revealed what the singer told her when she suddenly pop into her DMs.

Ariana Grande
© Instagram / Ariana Grande

The 15-year-old teen started doing it for fun and now it's something that she does regularly, almost every day, she explained. It takes her about a couple of hours to get that Ariana’s style ponytail and also do makeup with eyeliner right.

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Paige shared she wasn’t ready that one day Grande herself would reach out to her on social media. «I was so shocked that she noticed me. She's really nice and I kind of thought it was cool that she noticed me,» she added.