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Ariana Grande was in a bad mood
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Ariana Grande was in a bad mood

News author: Linda Davis
2020-01-17 16:47:23

Ariana Grande has posted a photo on her Instagram page showing her with Njomza Vitia; however, Ariana was in a bad mood. What happened?

In the pic, Ariana and singer Njomza are sitting near each other; however, Ariana’s head is turned away from Njomza. It looks as if she is angry with her. At that moment Njomza is playing with her lower lip. Who knows what has happened between the girls but Ariana looks somewhat offended. Maybe she is just tired.

Her fans found her very attractive despite her serious face. They consider her appearance to be just perfect. How gorgeous she looks with the glasses on her head! The readers wish her having a good time.


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