Ariel Winter, the “Modern Family” star, got onto the pages of “Teen Vogue” in 2020!
© Instagram / Ariel Winter

Ariel Winter, the “Modern Family” star, got onto the pages of “Teen Vogue” in 2020!

By: Linda Davis
2020-04-05 00:52:46

At the age of 22, Ariel Winter is most known for her role of Alex Dunphy in the legendary television series «Modern Family». She has starred in it since 2009. Her co-stars include Sarah Hyland in the role of Haley Dunphy, Julie Bowen who acts as Claire Dunphy, and Sofia Vergara portraying Gloria Delgado.

Ariel Winter's fans have shared a number of cool photos of the actress on one of Instagram fan pages. All of them got onto the pages of the «Teen Vogue» magazine, issue April 2020‬.

Ariel Winter
© Instagram / Ariel Winter

Ariel Winter looks very sexy yet modest in the photos. In fact, she's depicted wearing three different outfits. The first one includes medium-heeled black shoes, high white socks, a dark blue straight dress and a light blouse featuring large flowers.

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The second outfit of Ariel Winter involves a white top with small orange flowers and a pair of yellow plastic earrings on her ears. Finally, an oversize T-shirt makes the actress look very stylish! The major decoration of Ariel Winter is certainly her long wavy red hair!