Ariel Winter went for a walk in a crazy outfit – look at it!
© Instagram / Ariel Winter

Ariel Winter went for a walk in a crazy outfit – look at it!

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-04-12 20:57:29

Many of us have understood that the quarantine dramatically changes people. In the first turn, this is true for the rich and famous – including Alice Winter.

Celebrities do not forget to surprise fans with their changes in appearance, when all spas and beauty salons are closed. But you must admit it's one thing when you post a photo yourself without makeup or in a charming grandma's nightie, and it's quite another thing to get into the camera in an unsightly way when you go to a store or throw out the trash.

Ariel Winter
© Instagram / Ariel Winter

The 22-year-old star of the comedy television series «American Family» got into a similar embarrassing situation. Going out for a short while, Ariel Winter seemed to have forgotten to put on her pants!

Instead, the Hollywood celeb pulled on shorts, a weird t-shirt and «completed» the image with black boots. The actress decided to refuse from underwear, as well as from styling, twisting her hair in a funny bun.

Well, after such photographs it will be extremely difficult to return the admiring glances of Ariel fans. But the star isn't scared of this because the main thing is that only one person should look at her with love, and this is her boyfriend Luc Benward!

What do you do during the quarantine? What do you wear?