Why did Ariel Winter reduce her breasts: real reason revealed
© Instagram / Ariel Winter

Why did Ariel Winter reduce her breasts: real reason revealed

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-04-25 16:00:41

22-year-old Ariel Winter, the star of the «Modern Family» TV series (along with Sofia Vergara), had breast reduction surgery. The celebrity, who has repeatedly admitted in her interviews that she was glad to take such a step, wrote an essay and spoke about the difficulties she had to face before the surgery.

Ariel began her message by telling how her breasts influenced her acting career not in the best way – let alone just wearing a bikini.

Ariel Winter
© Instagram / Ariel Winter

As Ariel mentioned, when she was 13-14 years old she looked like a 19-year-old girl. Suddenly she realized that people want to talk only about her body, and not about her work.

According to Winter, she attended various ceremonies, and she was shocked to read articles on the Internet where Ariel's seductive outfits were discussed. Everyone spoke only about her appearance, and not about her talent.

At some moment, she began to get messages from adult men who were very rude, so that her body began to determine her work. Ariel was offered more adult roles, as she looked older than her years.

The actress also added that the big breasts not only interfered with her work, but also brought many other problems, because it is really hard to be a little girl with big breasts. It is physically painful. Ariel admitted she couldn't find clothes that would fit well, and there was a bigger problem with bikinis - they all looked like she wanted to look sexy.

So, there is a problem to have some big shapes, right? Do you agree with Ariel Winter?