Fans revealed some old lie of Ashton Kutcher: he did this for money
© Instagram / Ashton Kutcher

Fans revealed some old lie of Ashton Kutcher: he did this for money

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-03-08 16:05:41

Fans still cannot forgive Ashton Kutcher for the lie he did to promote the messenger. Mila Kunis' husband did this to earn money – let's know how exactly it was done!

Ashton Kutcher took advantage of the love of his fans to earn a lot of money. The other day, the Hollywood actor published his phone number on Twitter. According to his words, from now on, everyone could write to Ashton, but he wasn't able to answer everyone, although they can be real with each other. Moreover, the celeb promised to share the honest and the best moments of his life.

Ashton Kutcher
© Instagram / Ashton Kutcher

Is it necessary to clarify that hundreds of thousands of messages immediately fell on the indicated number? All Kutcher's fans got the same answer. It clarified that this was an auto text to let fans know that the actor received the messages.

At the same time, Ashton urged to make sure the person clicked on the link and add himself to the phone.

The link in the message led the actor's fans to a new messenger, which was actively advertised in the US. It is not known whether Ashton ultimately responded to his fans after they registered in the new application. But the ardor of the fans faded when they realized that this was just an ad.

By the way, literally a day later, the post with the phone number disappeared from Ashton's page. Apparently, the contract was able to «work out» for such a short period of time. Kutcher has not yet commented on this hype. What's your opinion about this?