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Bella Thorne got depression
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Bella Thorne got depression

News author: Linda Davis
2020-01-19 23:48:35

The 22-year-old actress honestly revealed she had problems and suffered from depression.

Bella Thorne got some depression but she seemed to be quite optimistic about this as she told her followers about the problem on Instagram and even made a joke about it.

In her latest photo on Instagram, Bella posed in a pink top with a big pink flower. She had bright make up on her face and her hair was flowing.

As the actress mentioned in the caption, she woke up happy and her depression «decided to let me have today fair and square.» Her fans agreed the night was fine. «You look like a flower,» «You're an angel sent from heaven,» «You can beat your depression! Just believe in it,» they added.


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