Bella Thorne looked weirdly on a new selfie with nipples
© Instagram / Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne looked weirdly on a new selfie with nipples

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-03-04 15:42:37

The former Disney actress and Zendaya's colleague Bella Thorne is no longer a girl, and excites her fans with photos. But this time she went too far!

Bella Thorn showed her boobs and pink nipples on Instagram the next day after a good party. She admitted it was rough. No need to say this Bella! This is clear from your face – you look like a tired whore who came out of a trash can.

Bella Thorne
© Instagram / Bella Thorne

In the photos, Bella Thorne posed topless, showing the top of her bare chest and spinning in front of a mirror. At the same time, the girl revealed the pink areola around the nipple in several photos – that happened either when the camera went too low, or when the movie star decided to cover her boobs with her hand, but something went wrong, and she revealed it even more.

Some fans noticed this and started writing in the comments. However, Instagram did not consider this a violation of the rules of the community, and did not block the photo.

Bella Thorne has long been known for her shocking behavior and love for frank snaps. In 2019, when hackers broke into her social networks and threatened to post her naked photos she uploaded these photos to the network herself and wrote an inspiring post about the will, self-esteem and the necessary attitude of women to such blackmail.

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