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Beyonce continues selling Adidas clothing
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Beyonce continues selling Adidas clothing

News author: Linda Davis
2020-01-20 23:22:33

These days, Beyonce has posted a great number of her photos depicting her in different sorts of Adidas brand clothes.

In the pics the singer is wearing four designs of sports clothes: a white tracksuit consisting from a shirt with a V-shaped neck and flared pants with three vertical stripes, a long-sleeved shirt and a pair of straight pants, a long white T-shirt and tight purple shorts, as well as a transparent purple shirt and a pair of leggings. All clothes are marvelous and are appreciated by potential customers.

However, Beyonce’s post is associated with certain complaints. Many people have faced a situation when everything they wanted to buy was already sold out. Some customers were overcharged, while others were disappointed with the process of ordering from the site. It seems, Beyonce needs to deal with music, not sales.


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