Does Bhad Bhabie really deserve her fame?
© Instagram / Bhad Bhabie

Does Bhad Bhabie really deserve her fame?

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-03-05 14:32:51

Everyone knows the names of people whose achievements are limited to millions of likes on Instagram and scandals covered in the media. These include the newly-born rapper Bhad Bhabie, aka Danielle Bregoli.

The birth of the «supernova» happened at the show «Doctor Phil». The show's guests condemned the 13-year-old girl for her bad behavior and Bregoli just replied «Cash me outside.» As a result, the things which should be condemned in a normal society has made Danielle a star.

Bhad Bhabie
© Instagram / Bhad Bhabie

Bhad Bhabie's weak singing talent was compensated by great clips and collaborations with more famous stars. As a result, over 17 million people follow Danielle on Instagram. This is more than, for example, Fergie, Kylie Minogue or Christina Aguilera.

Indeed, who needs these old wrecks when there is Danielle, whose popularity has been earned only by her defiant behavior from the start? And thousands of teenagers spend the money of their parents to buy a concert ticket and to see the girl whose only achievement is to argue!

Danielle calls his fans nothing more than «bitches», she regularly comes into conflict with other rap artists, for example, Skai Jackson and Iggy Azalea, who has stepped aside from a quarrel with «a little girl who became famous on television and on the Internet because she behaves like an idiot.»

However, she gave the public what it expected of her - is it possible to blame her for this? And she is far not the only one who can boast of exaggerated popularity. Which of the idols of youth don't deserve their fame too?