Brad Pitt shared footage from the Rolling Stone photo shoot. Shocking
© Instagram / Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt shared footage from the Rolling Stone photo shoot. Shocking

By: Linda Davis
2021-02-19 00:23:01

Together with the photographer, the actor decided to «feed» the paparazzi hungry for sensational pictures.

57-year-old Hollywood actor Brad Pitt decided to remember his youth and shared on his Instagram page footage of one of the most sensational photo shoots in his life.

Brad Pitt
© Instagram / Brad Pitt

The celebrity published pictures taken by renowned American photographer Mark Selinger for Rolling Stone magazine in 1999, in which he poses in dresses, glasses and accessories.

The idea to use Pitt in a beach photo shoot in provocative images came to the master after another scandal with the paparazzi, and the actor supported this proposal.

«They constantly creep into our lives, dreaming of seeing something piquant: they are interested in how we blow our nose, they take pictures of us when we pull up our swimming trunks on the beach,» he stressed. Therefore, the photographer and the actor decided to fully «satisfy» the requests of hunters for sensational shots.

Brad chose dresses for filming personally, and Salinger only had to show him in an unexpected way, and as effectively as possible.

After the magazine's release, the photos produced the effect of a bomb exploding. Fans appreciated the message of the filming, but the paparazzi, even after 20 years, did not leave the Hollywood celebrity alone.