You'd never guess: Bradley Cooper is crazy about this cartoon!
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You'd never guess: Bradley Cooper is crazy about this cartoon!

By: Margaret Wilson
2020-05-02 17:46:18

45-year-old Bradley Cooper fell in love with cartoons and did this for a reason, since she has been upbringing a daughter from Irina Shayk. Yes, Bradley definitely has changed since the times of his dating with Lady Gaga and the movies «A Star Is Born» and «The Hangover.»

But could you ever imagine that Bradley Cooper liked a Russian cartoon created in 2009? We surely mean «Masha and the Bear» whose plot was based on a story of a little girl Masha, who came to the house of the Bear and arranged a mess there.

The bear was terrified and decided to teach the girl a lesson and leave her in the forest. However, then he started to worry about her and went to look for her, but failed to find her. As he returned home, he found the girl there again. Since then, they became friends: Masha was constantly making adjustments to the life of the Bear, and he was trying to bring her up. Look! Isn't it cute?

And although the cartoon has been periodically criticized, it still is winning love all over the world. Masha became more responsible with every next season and helped the animals of the forest and the Bear with their problems.

The recent seasons are very popular among many nations and even the famous American actor Bradley Cooper loved this cartoon and sang the songs from «Masha and the Bear» to his daughter Lea!